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Infer.NET user guide : Learners : Bayes Point Machine classifiers : Command-line runners


A Bayes Point Machine is trained using the Train module, both in binary and multi-class classification. The Train module reads a training set and returns a serialized trained classifier, which can then be used to make predictions or train incrementally.

The Train module has the following command-line arguments:

Required arguments

Optional arguments

For more information about the command-line arguments, see Settings. A more detailed explanation of training is available here.


Learner Classifier BinaryBayesPointMachine Train   
    --training-set training-set.dat --model trained-binary-bpm.bin   
    --iterations 25 --batches 2 --compute-evidence  

Learner Classifier MulticlassBayesPointMachine Train   
    --training-set training-set.dat --model trained-multiclass-bpm.bin   
    --iterations 25 --batches 2 --compute-evidence