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Infer.NET user guide : FSharp Wrapper

Creating delegates in F#

Some functions, such as Variable.Factor, require passing a delegate. Unfortunately these functions are not compatible with the default method of creating a delegate in F#. Instead you need to create the delegate using our provided createDelegate function. For example, consider the following C# code from the user guide:

Variable<double> x = Variable<double>.Factor(Factor.Gaussian, randomMean, randomPrecision);

This should be converted into F# as follows:

let d = (Microsoft.ML.Probabilistic.FSharp.Factors.createDelegate <@ Factor.Gaussian(0.0,0.0) @>) :?> FactorMethod<double,double,double>

let x = Variable<double>.Factor(d, randomMean, randomPrecision);

Note that the argument to createDelegate is a quotation of a fully specified function call, with arguments of known type to resolve ambiguities.