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Infer.NET user guide : C++/CLI

The two coins example in C++/CLI

For a description of this tutorial and the C# code please see the two coins tutorial.

#include "stdafx.h"  
using namespace System;  
using Microsoft::ML::Probabilistic::Models;

void TwoCoins()  
  // The model  
  Variable<bool>^ firstCoin = Variable::Bernoulli(0.5)->Named("firstCoin");  
  Variable<bool>^ secondCoin = Variable::Bernoulli(0.5)->Named("secondCoin");  
  Variable<bool>^ bothHeads = (firstCoin & secondCoin)->Named("bothHeads");  

  // The inference  
  InferenceEngine^ ie = gcnew InferenceEngine();  
  Console::WriteLine("Probability both coins are heads: " + ie->Infer(bothHeads));  
  bothHeads->ObservedValue = false;  
  Console::WriteLine("Probability distribution over first coin: " + ie->Infer(firstCoin));  

int main()  
  return 0;