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Papers using Infer.NET


TrueSkill 2: An improved Bayesian skill rating system
Tom Minka, Ryan Cleven, Yordan Zaykov
Tech Report MSR-TR-2018-8, 2018

A Comfort-Based Approach to Smart Heating and Air Conditioning
Frederik Auffenberg, Stephen Snow, Sebastian Stein, Alex Rogers
ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, Volume 9 Issue 3, February 2018

Audio-visual speech processing system for Polish applicable to human-computer interaction
Tomasz Jadczyk
Computer Science 19(1): 41-63, 2018


Monitoring internet trade to inform species conservation actions
Valentina Vaglica, Maurizio Sajeva, H. Noel McGough, Dylan Hutchison, Claudio Russo, Andrew D. Gordon, Aro Vonjy Ramarosandratana, Wolfgang Stuppy, Matthew J. Smith
Endangered Species Research Vol. 32: 223–235, 2017

Expectation propagation for large scale Bayesian inference of non-linear molecular networks from perturbation data
Zahra Narimani, Hamid Beigy, Ashar Ahmad, Ali Masoudi-Nejad, Holger Fröhlich
PLoS ONE 12(2): 2017

Knowing What to Ask: A Bayesian Active Learning Approach to the Surveying Problem
Yoad Lewenberg, Yoram Bachrach, Ulrich Paquet and Jeffrey S. Rosenschein
AAAI 2017

InferSpark: Statistical Inference at Scale
Zhuoyue Zhao, Jialing Pei, Eric Lo, Kenny Q. Zhu, Chris Liu
ArXiv, 2017

Belief Propagation with Strings
Boris Yangel, Tom Minka, John Winn
Tech Report MSR-TR-2017-11, 2017

Project snowflake: non-blocking safe manual memory management in .NET
Matthew Parkinson, Dimitrios Vytiniotis, Kapil Vaswani, Manuel Costa, Pantazis Deligiannis, Dylan McDermott, Aaron Blankstein, Jonathan Balkind

Semiparametric Regression Analysis via Infer.NET
Jan Luts, Shen S.J. Wang, John T. Ormerod, Matt P. Wand
Journal of Statistical Software, to appear


Risk Modelling Framework for Emergency Hospital Readmission, Using Hospital Episode Statistics Inpatient Data
Mohsen Mesgarpour, Thierry Chaussalet, Salma Chahed
IEEE 29th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, June 2016

Can Word Probabilities from LDA be Simply Added up to Represent Documents?
Zhiqiang Cai, Xiangen Hu, Haiying Li, Art Graesser
International Conference on Educational Data Mining, 2016

Fabular: Regression formulas as probabilistic programming
Johannes Borgström, Andrew D. Gordon, Long Ouyang, Claudio Russo, Adam Ścibior, Marcin Szymczak
POPL 2016

Tracking Performance and Forming Study Groups for Prep Courses Using Probabilistic Graphical Models
Yoram Bachrach, Yoad Lewenberg, Jeffrey S Rosenschein, Yair Zick
AAMAS 2016

Equality and Social Mobility in Twitter Discussion Groups
Katherine Ellis, Moises Goldszmidt, Gert Lanckriet, Nina Mishra, Omer Reingold
WSDM 2016

On the necessity of adaptive eye movement classification in conditionally automated driving scenarios
Christian Braunagel, David Geisler, Wolfgang Stolzmann, Wolfgang Rosenstiel, Enkelejda Kasneci
Eye Tracking Research & Applications , 2016

Exploiting Causality for Selective Belief Filtering in Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Stefano V. Albrecht and Subramanian Ramamoorthy
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, Volume 55, pages 1135-1178 (2016)

Towards Conversational Recommender Systems
Konstantina Christakopoulou, Katja Hofmann, Filip Radlinski
KDD 2016

Time-Sensitive Bayesian Information Aggregation for Crowdsourcing Systems
Matteo Venanzi, John Guiver, Pushmeet Kohli, Nick Jennings
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, Volume 56, pages 517-545 (2016)

Political Dimensionality Estimation Using a Probabilistic Graphical Model
Yoad Lewenberg, Yoram Bachrach, Lucas Bordeaux
UAI 2016

PSI: Exact Symbolic Inference for Probabilistic Programs
Timon Gehr, Sasa Misailovic, and Martin Vechev
CAV 2016

BayesPy: Variational Bayesian Inference in Python
Jaakko Luttinen
Journal of Machine Learning Research 17 (2016) 1-6

Bridging Medical Data Inference to Achilles Tendon Rupture Rehabilitation
An Qu, Cheng Zhang, Paul Ackermann, Hedvig Kjellström
NIPS 2016 Workshop on Machine Learning for Healthcare

BDL.NET: Bayesian dictionary learning in Infer.NET
Tom Diethe, Niall Twomey, Peter Flach
Machine Learning for Signal Processing (MLSP), 2016 IEEE 26th International Workshop on

BayesWipe: A Scalable Probabilistic Framework for Improving Data Quality
Sushovan De, Yuheng Hu, Venkata Vamsikrishna Meduri, Yi Chen, and Subbarao Kambhampati
Journal of Data and Information Quality (JDIQ) 8, no. 1 (2016): 5

Optimally Discriminative Choice Sets in Discrete Choice Models: Application to Data-Driven Test Design
Igor Labutov, Christoph Studer, Hod Lipson
Proceedings of the 22nd ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, pp. 1665-1674. ACM, 2016.

An Internal/Insider Threat Score for Data Loss Prevention and Detection
Kyrre W. Kongsgård, Nils A. Nordbotten, Federico Mancini and Paal E. Engelstad
International Workshop on Security And Privacy Analytics (IWSPA 2017)

A live, multiple-representation probabilistic programming environment for novices
Maria I. Gorinova, Advait Sarkar, Alan F. Blackwell, Don Syme
CHI 2016


Introduction to Statistical and Machine Learning Algorithms
Roger Barga, Valentine Fontama, Wee Hyong Tok
In: Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, pp 133-148 (2015)

Multi-View Bayesian Correlated Component Analysis
Simon Kamronn, Andreas Trier Poulsen, Lars Kai Hansen
Neural Computation, Volume 27 , No. 10, pages 2207-2230 (2015)

Comparison of probabilistic programming languages, using the solution of clustering problems and the distinguishing of attributes as an example
V. I. Filatov and A. S. Potapov
Journal of Optical Technology Vol. 82, Issue 8, pp. 542-550 (2015)

RAMONA: a Web application for gene set analysis on multilevel omics data
Steffen Sass, Florian Buettner, Nikola S. Mueller, and Fabian J. Theis
Bioinformatics (2015) 31 (1): 128-130

Online Recognition of Fixations, Saccades, and Smooth Pursuits for Automated Analysis of Traffic Hazard Perception
Enkelejda Kasneci, Gjergji Kasneci, Thomas C. Kubler, and Wolfgang Rosenstiel
Artificial Neural Networks: Methods and Applications in Bio-/Neuroinformatics, 2015

Automatic analysis and identification of verbal aggression and abusive behaviors for online social games
Koray Balci, Albert Ali Salah
Computers in Human Behavior 2015, In Press

Bayesian Modelling of Community-Based Multidimensional Trust in Participatory Sensing under Data Sparsity
Matteo Venanzi, W. T. L. Teacy, Alex Rogers, Nicholas R. Jennings
IJCAI 2015

Language Understanding in the Wild: Combining Crowdsourcing and Machine Learning
Edwin D. Simpson, Matteo Venanzi, Steven Reece, Pushmeet Kohli, John Guiver, Stephen J. Roberts, Nicholas R. Jennings
WWW 2015

Consensus Message Passing for Layered Graphical Models
Varun Jampani, S. M. Ali Eslami, Daniel Tarlow, Pushmeet Kohli, John Winn

Probabilistic modeling of scenes using object frames
Su Hao, Yu Adams Wei
Science China Information Sciences

Swift: Compiled Inference for Probabilistic Programs
Lei Li, Yi Wu, Stuart Russell
Tech Report 2015

Kernel-Based Just-In-Time Learning for Passing Expectation Propagation Messages
Wittawat Jitkrittum, Arthur Gretton, Nicolas Heess, S. M. Ali Eslami, Balaji Lakshminarayanan, Dino Sejdinovic and Zoltán Szabó
UAI 2015

Pitman Yor Diffusion Trees for Bayesian Hierarchical Clustering
David A. Knowles, Zoubin Ghahramani
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 37(2), 2015

Bayesian Modelling of the Temporal Aspects of Smart Home Activity with Circular Statistics
Tom Diethe, Niall Twomey, Peter Flach

Bayesian Active Learning with Evidence-Based Instance Selection
Niall Twomey, Tom Diethe, and Peter Flach
ECML Workshop on Learning over Multiple Contexts, 2015

Why so many people? Explaining Nonhabitual Transport Overcrowding With Internet Data
Francisco C. Pereira, Filipe Rodrigues, Evgheni Polisciuc, Moshe Ben-Akiva
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 16(3), 2015

The Learning of Zelda: Data-Driven Learning of Level Topology
Adam J. Summerville, Morteza Behrooz, Michael Mateas, Arnav Jhala
FDG workshop on Procedural Content Generation in Games, 2015

Texture Analysis of Remote Sensing Imagery with Clustering and Bayesian Inference
Jiang Li, William Rich, and Donald Buhl-Brown
I.J. Image, Graphics and Signal Processing, 2015, 9, 1-10

Identifying and Accounting for Task-Dependent Bias in Crowdsourcing
Ece Kamar, Ashish Kapoor, Eric Horvitz
The Third AAAI Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing (HCOMP-15)

Probabilistic Programs as Spreadsheet Queries
Andrew D. Gordon, Claudio Russo, Marcin Szymczak, Johannes Borgström, Nicolas Rolland, Thore Graepel, Daniel Tarlow
European Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems (ESOP 2015)


Inferring User Interests From Microblogs
Ceren Budak, Anitha Kannan, Rakesh Agrawal, Jan Pedersen
Tech Report MSR-TR-2014-68, 2014

How do disturbances and environmental heterogeneity affect the pace of forest distribution shifts under climate change?
Mark C. Vanderwel, Drew W. Purves
Ecography, Volume 37, Issue 1, pages 10–20, January 2014

Knowing what we don't know in NCAA Football ratings: Understanding and using structured uncertainty
Daniel Tarlow, Thore Graepel, Tom Minka
MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2014

Community-Based Bayesian Aggregation Models for Crowdsourcing
Matteo Venanzi, John Guiver, Gabriella Kazai, Pushmeet Kohli, and Milad Shokouhi
WWW 2014

Tabular: a schema-driven probabilistic programming language
Andrew D. Gordon, Thore Graepel, Nicolas Rolland, Claudio Russo, Johannes Borgstrom, John Guiver
POPL 2014

Developmental Profiles of Eczema, Wheeze, and Rhinitis: Two Population-Based Birth Cohort Studies
Danielle C. M. Belgrave, Raquel Granell, Angela Simpson, John Guiver, Christopher Bishop, Iain Buchan, A. John Henderson, and Adnan Custovic
PLoS Med 11(10) 2014

Students, Teachers, Exams and MOOCs: Predicting and Optimizing Attainment in Web-Based Education Using a Probabilistic Graphical Model
Bar Shalem, Yoram Bachrach, John Guiver, and Christopher M. Bishop
Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases, ECML PKDD 2014

A Graphical Model for Collective Behavior Learning Using Minority Games
F Khawar, Z Qin
Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 2014

Elastic Distributed Bayesian Collaborative Filtering
Alex Beutel, Markus Weimer, Tom Minka, Yordan Zaykov, and Vijay Narayanan
Distributed Machine Learning and Matrix Computations, NIPS 2014 Workshop

Trajectories of Lung Function During Childhood
Danielle C. M. Belgrave, Iain Buchan, Christopher Bishop, Lesley Lowe, Angela Simpson, and Adnan Custovic
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Vol. 189, No. 9 (2014), pp. 1101-1109

Just-In-Time Learning for Fast and Flexible Inference
S. M. Ali Eslami, Daniel Tarlow, Pushmeet Kohli, John Winn
NIPS 2014

An Unsupervised Training Method for Non-intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring
Oliver Parson, Siddhartha Ghosh, Mark Weal, Alex Rogers
Artificial Intelligence, Volume 217, December 2014, Pages 1–19

A Scalable Non-intrusive Load Monitoring System for Fridge-Freezer Energy Efficiency Estimation
Oliver Parson, Mark Weal, Alex Rogers
2nd International Workshop on Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring, 2014

Analyzing Sounds of Home Environment for Device Recognition
Svilen Dimitrov, Jochen Britz, Boris Brandherm, and Jochen Frey
Ambient Intelligence, 2014

Bayesian belief network application in process mining
Titas Savickas, Olegas Vasilecas
International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies - CompSysTech 2014

Wood production response to climate change will depend critically on forest composition and structure
David A. Coomes, Olivier Flores, Robert Holdaway, Tommaso Jucker, Emily R. Lines, Mark C. Vanderwel
Global Change Biology, Volume 20, Issue 12, pages 3632–3645, December 2014

Predicting Student Performance from Combined Data Sources
Annika Wolff, Zdenek Zdrahal, Drahomira Herrmannova and Petr Knoth
Educational Data Mining: Applications and Trends, 2014

On Peculiarities of Positional Effects in Sponsored Search
Vyacheslav Alipov, Valery Topinsky, Ilya Trofimov
SIGIR 2014

Peer-Mediated Testing
Igor Labutov, Kelvin Luu, Thorsten Joachims, Hod Lipson
KDD Workshop on Data Mining for Educational Assessment and Feedback, 2014

Towards Model-Driven Engineering for Big Data Analytics – An Exploratory Analysis of Domain-Specific Languages for Machine Learning
Dominic Breuker
2014 47th Hawaii International Conference on System Science

Slicing probabilistic programs
Chung-Kil Hur, Aditya V. Nori, Sriram K. Rajamani, Selva Samuel
Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI), 2014

BayesWipe: A multimodal system for data cleaning and consistent query answering on structured bigdata
Sushovan De ,Yuheng Hu, Yi Chen, Subbarao Kambhampati
IEEE International Conference on Big Data, 2014

A Marginalized Denoising Method for Link Prediction in Relational Data
Zheng Chen, Weixiong Zhang
SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, 2014


A model-learner pattern for Bayesian reasoning
Andrew D. Gordon, Mihhail Aizatulin, Johannes Borgstrom, Guillaume Claret, Thore Graepel, Aditya V. Nori, Sriram K. Rajamani, Claudio Russo
POPL 2013
NIPS 2012 Workshop on Probabilistic Programming

Bayesian Inference Using Data Flow Analysis
Guillaume Claret, Sriram K. Rajamani, Aditya V. Nori, Andrew D. Gordon and Johannes Borgström
ESEC-FSE 2013: Foundations of Software Engineering

Quantifying variation in forest disturbance, and its effects on aboveground biomass dynamics, across the eastern United States
Mark C. Vanderwel, David A. Coomes, and Drew W. Purves
Global Change Biology (2013)

Model-based machine learning
Christopher M. Bishop
Philos Trans A Math Phys Eng Sci. 2013

Automated probabilistic modeling for relational data
Sameer Singh, Thore Graepel
CIKM 2013

Query-driven context aware recommendation
Negar Hariri, Bamshad Mobasher, Robin Burke
RecSys 2013

Personalized Text-Based Music Retrieval
Negar Hariri, Bamshad Mobasher, Robin Burke
AAAI 2013 Workshop on Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization and Recommendation

Bayesian networks for supporting query processing over incomplete autonomous databases
Rohit Raghunathan, Sushovan De, Subbarao Kambhampati
Journal of Intelligent Information Systems
September 2013

Structural Expectation Propagation (SEP): Bayesian structure learning for networks with latent variables
Nevena Lazic, Christopher Bishop, John Winn

Pediatric asthma and development of atopy
Adnan Custovic, Nevena Lazic, Angela Simpson
Current opinion in allergy and clinical immunology, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 173-180, 2013

Multiple atopy phenotypes and their associations with asthma: similar findings from two birth cohorts
N Lazic, G Roberts, A Custovic, D Belgrave, CM Bishop, J Winn, JA Curtin, S Hasan Arshad, A Simpson
Allergy, Volume 68, Issue 6, Pages 764-770, 2013

Detecting Parameter Symmetries in Probabilistic Models
R Nishihara, T Minka, D Tarlow
Tech Report 2013

Declarative Modeling and Bayesian Inference of Dark Matter Halos
Gabriel Kronberger
Computer Aided Systems Theory - EUROCAST 2013

A modular framework for gene set analysis integrating multilevel omics data
Steffen Sass, Florian Buettner, Nikola S. Mueller, and Fabian J. Theis
Nucleic Acids Research (2013) 41 (21): 9622-9633

Bayesian Combination of Crowd-Based Tweet Sentiment Analysis Judgments
Matteo Venanzi, John Guiver, Gabriella Kazai, Pushmeet Kohli
HCI 2013

Texture classification of landsat TM imagery using Bayes point machine
Jiang Li
Proceedings of the 51st ACM Southeast Conference, 2013

Hotspotting – A Probabilistic Graphical Model For Image Object Localization
Mahyar Salek, Yoram Bachrach, Peter Key
AAAI 2013


Bayesian Inference for Probabilistic Programs via Symbolic Execution
Guillaume Claret, Sriram K. Rajamani, Aditya V. Nori, Andrew D. Gordon, Johannes Borgstrom
Technical Report MSR-TR-2012-86, Microsoft Research, 2012

DIMSUM: Discovering Semantic Data of Interest from Un-mappable Memory with Confidence
Zhiqiang Lin, Junghwan Rhee, Chao Wu, Xiangyu Zhang, and Dongyan Xu
Proceedings of the 19th ISOC/USENIX Network and Distributed System Security Symposium, San Diego, CA, February 2012

A New Click Model for Relevance Prediction in Web Search
A. Fishkov, S.I. Nikolenko
Proceedings of EEML 2012, an ICFCA 2012 workshop, 2012, pp. 45-54

Causality with Gates
John Winn

How To Grade a Test Without Knowing the Answers --- A Bayesian Graphical Model for Adaptive Crowdsourcing and Aptitude Testing
Yoram Bachrach, Thore Graepel, Tom Minka, John Guiver
ICML 2012

You are Now Facing the Mona Lisa: Spot Localization using PHY Layer Information
Souvik Sen, Bozidar Radunovic, Romit Roy Choudhury, and Tom Minka
MobiSys 2012

Gaussian process regression networks
Andrew Gordon Wilson, David A. Knowles, and Zoubin Ghahramani.
International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2012

Fixed-Form Variational Posterior Approximation Through Stochastic Linear Regression
Tim Salimans, David A. Knowles
unpublished 2012

A nonparametric variable clustering model
D Knowles, K Palla, Z Ghahramani
NIPS 2012

Compiling Relational Database Schemata into Probabilistic Graphical Models
Sameer Singh, Thore Graepel
NIPS 2012 Workshop on Probabilistic Programming

Bayesian Data Cleaning for Web Data
Yuheng Hu, Sushovan De, Yi Chen, Subbarao Kambhampati
Tech Report 2012

Automatic image tagging by using image content analysis
Lailatul Qadri binti Zakariaa, Paul Lewisb, Wendy Hallc
The International Conference on Informatics and Applications (ICIA2012)

Crowd IQ: aggregating opinions to boost performance
Yoram Bachrach, Thore Graepel, Gjergji Kasneci, Michal Kosinski, Jurgen Van Gael
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, 2012

Bayesian Machine Learning Approaches for Longitudinal Latent Class Modelling to Define Wheezing Phenotypes to Elucidate Environmental Associates
D Belgrave, CM Bishop, IA Buchan
Quaderni di statistica 14, 2012

Wisdom of crowds for robust gene network inference
Daniel Marbach, et al
Nature Methods 9: 796–804 (2012)


Probabilistic, Modular and Scalable Inference of Typestate Specifications
Nels E. Beckman and Aditya V. Nori
In PLDI '11: Programming Languages Design and Implementation, June 2011

Precise Indoor Localization using PHY Layer Information
Souvik Sen, Bozidar Radunovic, Romit Roy Choudhury, and Tom Minka
ACM HotNets, November 2011

Using Infer.NET for Statistical Analyses
S.S.J. Wang and M.P. Wand
The American Statistician vol. 65, pp. 115-126, 2011

Dichotomous cellular properties of mouse orexin/hypocretin neurons
Cornelia Schöne, Anne Venner, David Knowles, Mahesh M Karnani and Denis Burdakov
The Journal of Physiology, 2011

Measure transformer semantics for Bayesian machine learning
Johannes Borgström, Andrew D. Gordon, Michael Greenberg, James Margetson, Jurgen Van Gael
In ESOP'11: Proceedings of the 20th European conference on Programming languages and systems, part of the joint European conferences on theory and practice of software

Pitman-Yor Diffusion Trees
David Knowles and Zoubin Ghahramani
27th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI 2011)

Message Passing Algorithms for the Dirichlet Diffusion Tree
David Knowles, Jurgen Van Gael, and Zoubin Ghahramani
Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS 2011)

A probabilistic graphical model for the music harmony similarity task (in Russian)
I. A. Baltiyskiy, S. I. Nikolenko
Tr. SPIIRAN 18 (2011), 136-163

Advertiser-centric approach to understand user click behavior in sponsored search
Sungchul Kim, Tao Qin, Hwanjo Yu, and Tie-Yan Liu
In Proceedings of the 20th ACM international conference on Information and knowledge management (CIKM '11), 2011

Broad vs Narrow: Modelling Strategies for Online Behavioural Targeting
Markus Svensén, Qing Xu, David Stern, Steve Hanks, Christopher M. Bishop
ADKDD 2011

Non-conjugate Variational Message Passing for Multinomial and Binary Regression
David Knowles and Tom Minka
NIPS 2011


"A Novel Click Model and Its Applications to Online Advertising"
Zeyuan Allen Zhu, Weizhu Chen, Tom Minka, Chenguang Zhu, and Zheng Chen
Proceedings of the Third ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM 2010)

"Beyond Atopy: Multiple Patterns of Sensitization in Relation to Asthma in a Birth Cohort Study"
Simpson A, Tan VY, Winn J, Svensén M, Bishop CM, Heckerman DE, Buchan I, Custovic A.
Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2010 Feb 18. [Epub ahead of print]

Statistical Models of Music-listening Sessions in Social Media
Elena Zheleva, John Guiver, Eduarda Mendes Rodrigues, and Natasa Milic-Frayling
WWW 2010

Bayesian knowledge corroboration with logical rules and user feedback
G. Kasneci, J. Van Gael, T. Graepel, and R. Herbrich.
In European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML), Barcelona, Spain, September 2010.

"Parameter Estimation of 1-PL and 2-PL models: A Comparison of Marginal Maximum Likelihood, Bayesian and Variational Bayesian Approximation Estimation Methods Using Infer.Net, SAS and WINBUGS"
Prathiba Natesan, Ratna Nandakumar, Tom Minka, Xiaoyu Qian, and Jonathan Rubright
75th Annual Meeting of the Psychometric Society (IMPS) 2010

Revisiting the Examination Hypothesis with Query Specific Position Bias
Sreenivas Gollapudi, Rina Panigrahy
CoRR 2010

Intelligent Agent for Information Extraction from Arabic Text without Machine Translation
Tarek Helmy and Abdirahman Daud
In: Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Cross-Cultural and Cross-Lingual Aspects of the Semantic Web 2010

Comparative validation of graphical models for learning tumor segmentations from noisy manual annotations
Kaster FO, Menze BH, Weber MA and Hamprecht FA.
In: Proc MICCAI Workshop on Medical Computer Vision (MCV 2010). Beijing, China. LNCS 2010

Modeling skin and ageing phenotypes using latent variable models in Infer.NET
David Knowles, Leopold Parts, Daniel Glass and John Winn
In: Predictive Models in Personalized Medicine Workshop, NIPS 2010, 11 Dec 2010


"Merlin: Specification Inference for Explicit Information Flow Problems"
Benjamin Livshits, Aditya V. Nori, Sriram K. Rajamani, Anindya Banerjee
PLDI '09, TechFest 2009

"DebugAdvisor: A Recommender System for Debugging"
B. Ashok, Joseph Joy, Hongkang Liang, Sriram Rajamani, Gopal Srinivasa, and Vipindeep Vangala
Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE), 26 August 2009

"Immune System Modeling with Infer.NET"
Vincent Y. F. Tan, John Winn, Angela Simpson, Adnan Custovic
2008 IEEE International Conference on e-Science

"Matchbox: Large Scale Online Bayesian Recommendations"
David Stern,Ralf Herbrich,Thore Graepel
WWW 2009

"Usher: Improving Data Quality With Dynamic Forms"
Kuang Chen,Harr Chen,Neil Conway,Joseph M. Hellerstein,Tapan S. Parikh
ICTD 2009

"Novel Tools To Streamline the Conference Review Process: Experiences from SIGKDD'09"
Peter A. Flach, Sebastian Spiegler, Bruno Golenia, Simon Price, John Guiver, Ralf Herbrich, Thore Graepel, Mohammed J. Zaki
SIGKDD Explorations, 11(2). ISSN 19310145, pp. 62-67. December 2009

"Modeling Shared Tastes in Online Communities."
Laura Dietz
In: NIPS Workshop on Applications for Topic Models: Text and Beyond, Dec 2009