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Overwrite Files


DocFX supports processing Markdown files, as well as structured data model in YAML or JSON format.

We call Markdown files Conceptual Files, and the structured data model files Metadata Files.

Current supported Metadata Files include:

  1. YAML files presenting managed reference model following Metadata Format for .NET Languages.
  2. Swagger JSON files presenting Swagger REST API model following Swagger Specification Version 2.0.

Inside DocFX, both Conceptual Files and Metadata Files are represented as Models with different properties. Details on Model structure for these files are described in Data model inside DocFX section.

DocFX introduces the concept of Overwrite File to modify or add properties to Models without changing the input Conceptual Files and Metadata Files.

The format of Overwrite Files

Overwrite Files are Markdown files with multiple Overwrite Sections starting with YAML header block. A valid YAML header for an Overwrite Section MUST take the form of valid YAML set between triple-dashed lines and start with property uid. Here is a basic example of an Overwrite Section:

some_property: value
Further description for ``

Each Overwrite Section is transformed to Overwrite Model inside DocFX. For the above example, the Overwrite Model represented in YAML format is:

some_property: value
conceptual: <p><b>Content</b> in Markdown</p>

Anchor *content

*content is the keyword invented and used specifically in Overwrite Files to represent the Markdown content following YAML header. We leverage Anchors syntax in YAML specification for *content.

The value for *content is always transformed from Markdown content to HTML. When *content is not used, the Markdown content below YAML header will be set to conceptual property; When *content is used, the Markdown content below YAML header will no longer be set to conceptual property. With *content, we can easily add Markdown content to any properties.

footer: *content
Footer for ``

In the above example, the value for *content is <p>Footer for <code></code></p>, and the Overwrite Model represented in YAML format is:

footer: <p>Footer for <code></code></p>

uid for an Overwrite Model stands for the Unique IDentifier of the Model it will overwrite. So it is allowed to have multiple Overwrite Sections with YAML Header containing the same uid. For one Overwrite File, the latter Overwrite Section overwrites the former one with the same uid. For different Overwrite Files, the order of overwrite is Undetermined. So it is suggested to have Overwrite Sections with the same uid in the same Overwrite File.

When processing Conceptual Files and Metadata Files, Overwrite Models with the same uid are applied to the processed Models. Different Models have different overwrite principles, Overwrite principles section describes the them in detail.

Apply Overwrite Files

Inside docfx.json, overwrite is used to specify the Overwrite Files.

Overwrite principles

As a general principle, uid is always the key that an Overwrite Model find the Model it is going to overwrite. So a Model with no uid defined will never get overwritten.

Different types of files produce different Models. The quickest way to get an idea of what the Model looks like is to run:

docfx build --exportRawModel

--exportRawModel exports Model in JSON format with .raw.json extension.

The basic principle of Overwrite Model is:

  1. It keeps the same data structure as the Model it is going to overwrite
  2. If the property is defined in Model, please refer Data model inside DocFX for the specific overwrite behavior for a specific property.
  3. If the property is not defined in Model, it is added to Model

Data model inside DocFX

Managed reference model

Key Type Overwrite behavior
uid uid Merge key.
assemblies string[] Ignore.
attributes Attribute[] Ignore.
children uid[] Ignore.
documentation Source Merge.
example string[] Replace.
exceptions Exception[] Merge keyed list.
fullName string Replace.
fullName. string Replace.
id string Replace.
implements uid[] Ignore.
inheritance uid[] Ignore.
inheritedMembers uid[] Ignore.
isEii boolean Replace.
isExtensionMethod boolean Replace.
langs string[] Replace.
modifiers. string[] Ignore.
name string Replace.
name. string Replace.
namespace uid Replace.
overridden uid Replace.
parent uid Replace.
platform string[] Replace.
remarks markdown Replace.
see LinkInfo[] Merge keyed list.
seealso LinkInfo[] Merge keyed list.
source Source Merge.
syntax Syntax Merge.
summary markdown Replace.
type string Replace.


Property Type Overwrite behavior
base string Replace.
content string Replace.
endLine integer Replace.
id string Replace.
isExternal boolean Replace.
href string Replace.
path string Replace.
remote GitSource Merge.
startLine integer Replace.


Property Type Overwrite behavior
path string Replace.
branch string Replace.
repo url Replace.
commit Commit Merge.
key string Replace.


Property Type Overwrite behavior
committer User Replace.
author User Replace.
id string Replace.
message string Replace.


Property Type Overwrite behavior
name string Replace.
email string Replace.
date datetime Replace.


Property Type Overwrite behavior
type uid Merge key.
description markdown Replace.
commentId string Ignore.


Property Type Overwrite behavior
linkId uid or href Merge key.
altText markdown Replace.
commentId string Ignore.
linkType enum(CRef or HRef) Ignore.


Property Type Overwrite behavior
content string Replace.
content. string Replace.
parameters Parameter[] Merge keyed list.
typeParameters Parameter[] Merge keyed list.
return Parameter Merge.


Property Type Overwrite behavior
id string Merge key.
description markdown Replace.
attributes Attribute[] Ignore.
type uid Replace.


Property Type Overwrite behavior
arguments Argument[] Ignore.
ctor uid Ignore.
namedArguments NamedArgument[] Ignore.
type uid Ignore.


Property Type Overwrite behavior
type uid Ignore.
value object Ignore.


Property Type Overwrite behavior
name string Ignore.
type string Ignore.
value object Ignore.

REST API model

Key Type Overwrite behavior
children REST API item model Overwrite when uid of the item model matches
summary string Overwrite
description string Overwrite

REST API item model

Key Type Overwrite behavior
uid string Key

Conceptual model

Key Type Overwrite behavior
title string Overwrite
rawTitle string Overwrite
conceptual string Overwrite