Your one-stop-shop for high performance .NET graphics & compute.

Spruce up your games and applications with cross-platform 3D graphics, audio, compute and haptics. Fast. Free. Cross platform.

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With an efficient bindings regeneration mechanism, we are committed to ensuring our bindings reflect the latest specifications with monthly updates generated straight from the upstream sources.

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High-level utilities

In addition to providing high-speed, direct, and transparent bindings, we provide high-level utilities and wrappers to maximise productivity in common workloads such as platform-agnostic abstractions around Windowing and Input, bringing your apps to a vast number of platforms without changing a single line!

simple portable everywhere
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Silk.NET caters for anything you could need in swift development of multimedia, graphics, compute applications. Silk.NET is an all-in-one solution, complete with Graphics, Compute, Audio, Input, and Windowing.

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An all-in-one solution.

  • First-party bindings for over 17 individual APIs
  • Official support for all major desktop & mobile platforms
  • Friendly & active community & developers

Reliable & dependable.

Strong backing.

We're proud to be an official project under the benevolent .NET Foundation umbrella - an independent, non-profit organization established to support an innovative, commercially friendly, open-source ecosystem around the .NET platform with corporate sponsorship from Microsoft, Amazon AWS, and many others.

This means you can count on us not disappearing tomorrow, and continuing to reamin under steady development; a guarantee that similar libraries just can't provide.

Continuously improving.

We're quick to develop and release new major versions for keeping up with changes and new trends in the ecosystem. In addition, we're keen to create infrastructure to make minor incremental improvments easy to implement.

We're happy to look at any idea the community has for us, large or small, so feel free to chat to us if you think there's a way we can improve!

Free & open.

Silk.NET is licensed under the very permissive MIT/X11 license, which means that you can use Silk.NET in your commercial, non-commercial, hobby, or just about any other kind of project.

We offer no commercial support, which means that everyone has equal access to the best support the Silk.NET team can provide. And last but not least, we have a thriving, friendly, and approachable community who, if we're unable to for whatever reason, are happy to guide you in using our library.

Ready for anything.

Silk.NET provides a plethora of bindings to accomodate just about any multimedia, graphics, and compute workload you could possibly throw at it.

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Not your cup of tea? Try Stride.

Silk.NET is low-level and empowers the developer with complete control over rendering. Because of this, we understand Silk.NET isn't for everyone. If you fancy something more high-level, give Stride a shot! Stride is a 2D & 3D game engine supported by the .NET Foundation.

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